Golden Apple Foundation is pleased to announce the names of 20 Teachers from Winnebago and Boone County who have been selected to move forward in the process for the 2013 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.  These talented 6th-12th grade teachers were chosen by a selection committee of community volunteers who had the difficult task of selecting only 20 teachers from a large group of worthy nominees.


Please join us in congratulating the following excellent teachers….  

  • Kendra Asbury; Belvidere Central Middle School; Language Arts 
  • Craig Carter; Stephen Mach Middle School; Social Studies 
  • Thomas Freesmeier; Harlem Middle School; Social Studies 
  • Candace L. Fritz; Belvidere High School; Drivers Education 
  • Heather Hardwick; Belvidere North High School; AP Psychology 
  • Kelli Houghton; Willowbrook Middle School; Literature 
  • Leslie J. Johnson; Immanuel Lutheran School; Language Arts & Literature 
  • Michael Lantz; Guilford High School; World Geography, Government, & Economics
  • Kathryn Linden; East High School; English 
  • Christy Morgan; Belvidere High School; Business Education 
  • John Paddock; Belvidere North High School; English 
  • Bethany Pitman; Rockford Lutheran Junior/Senior High School; English 
  • Jilian N. Reints; Belvidere High School & Belvidere North High School; Art 
  • Jonathon Sleger; Guilford High School; Theater 
  • Mark Snyder; Shirland School; History, Geography, Government, & Science 
  • Stephanie Stallman; Willowbrook Middle School; Social Studies 
  • Katherine A. Walls; Boylan Catholic High School; Mathematics 
  • Sean J. Weinberg; South Beloit Junior High School; Science 
  • Michael D. Winebrenner; North Boone Middle School; Social Studies 
  • Erin Zawlocki; Eisenhower Middle School; Language Arts

These teachers will be observed by trained community volunteers on four separate occasions in their classrooms during January and February, 2013.  They will participate in an interview in the final stage of the selection process.  The process will culminate with the selection of 5 Teachers who will receive the prestigious Golden Apple Award in surprise classroom presentations and will be highlighted in a special program produced and aired on 13 WREX.  
Those interested in participating as a Golden Apple Classroom Observer can register online at or call 226-4180. 

Each Golden Apple teacher will receive a cash award, a professional development stipend, a Rockford College Scholarship, a laptop computer compliments of Supplycore, a desktop computer compliments of Rockford Computers for Schools and computer software compliments of EntrĂ© Computer Solutions.  In addition, they will be inducted into the Golden Apple Teacher Academy where, as members, they will work to increase public awareness of educational excellence in our schools, promote the profession of education and provide professional development training and mentoring to new and veteran teachers.   
Golden Apple Foundation is celebrating its 17th year of taking positive steps to achieve improved education in Winnebago and Boone Counties.  The Annual Golden Apple Banquet recognizing Excellence in Education and honoring the Golden Apple Teachers will be held on Friday, April 26, 2013 at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center sponsored by First Rockford Group.