Heidi Houy

We believe that strong leadership in a school promotes excellent teaching.  Outstanding principals inspire outstanding teachers and create a positive learning environment essential to the culture of every successful school.  This year Golden Apple Foundation is pleased to recognize Dr. Heidi Houy of Roosevelt Community Education Center with the Tenth Annual Puri Family Outstanding Principal Award.       

Dr. Heidi Houy is credited with familiarizing the community with Roosevelt and dispelling commonly held myths about the alternative high school model. Alternative education at Roosevelt has always been a place where the same high school curriculum is presented in a different way and so serves students who learn better with that approach. According to Dr. Houy, “There’s this notion that…alternative means bad. That’s not what happens here. It’s alternative because it’s different from traditional high schools. We just meet them where they are.” She has added great success in her personal goal of closing the divide between the school and community.

Her staff credits her with being the chief encourager for students and staff alike. She instituted the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports program at Roosevelt, rewarding students for positive behavior and academic improvement. Dr. Houy knows her students. Visitors to the building can witness her asking students about their well-being with a tangible level of familiarity of their unique circumstance. Among the staff Dr. Houy has built a school culture of cooperation. She ensures that faculty members meet regularly in department meetings and professional learning communities. She facilitates opportunities for professional growth through in-house workdays.

When asked what she is most proud of at Roosevelt, Dr. Houy has an extensive list: “implementing the academy model…, engaging with the community, helping students understand what servant leadership means, increasing student achievement and being able to see measurable gains in learning, increasing family involvement, supporting incredible programs such as our visual arts program (which produced the Visual Artist of the year and a national silver level Scholastic Artist), our parenting program, our Robotics team, building on-line classes that are utilized throughout the entire district, proficiency based grading (students do not move on in skills/content until they are proficient), GED/adult education.” “We may not be getting 21's on the ACT, but the fact that these kids show significant academic AND social emotional growth in the relatively short amount of time they are with us is very meaningful to all of us.”

Dr. Houy will receive $1,500 cash to be used in her school and $500 in Volcano Falls gift certificates to reward excellent students, all compliments of the Puri Family.  An Elementary School Principal will be recognized in 2016.

Congratulations Dr. Heidi Houy!


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