Golden Apple Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of the following eight educators who received a total of $5,588 to fund 8 classroom projects. The teachers will be recognized at the Golden Apple Foundation Board of Directors meeting on Monday, December 8, 2014.

                 Project                                                         Teacher(s)            School & Grade         Grant Amt.

“40 Book Challenge”-a project that gets students excited about reading and challenges them to grow in their reading abilities.

Judith Dooley

Washington Gifted Academy


“The Bookmobile: Our Library on Wheels”- a project that sends teachers and a fun, mobile library into the students neighborhoods when they are out of school.

Kelly Duncan

Rock Cut Elementary


“Multi-Sensory Science and Social Studies”- a project teaching science and social studies concepts while addressing the unique learning requirements of students with autism

Susan Erisman

Seth Whitman Elementary


“Paper Recycling Program”-Students start a school-wide recycling program while building the skills of data collection, analysis, and presentation. Student present their data reports on the internet and in school.

Mary Harden

Donald Parker Early Education Center


“Cause-and-Effect Academic Readiness”-a project utilizing a variety of mediums to build the academic readiness of 3-year-olds diagnosed with autism

Kimberly Perritt

Fairview Early Childhood Center


“Skill Development for Students with IEPs”- a project that addresses the learning needs of students with significant cognitive and physical disabilities, helping them to build fundamental and academic skills

Ashley Smith

Fairview Early Childhood Center


“Ukulele Jam Band”- a project teaching 5th grade students to play a string instrument, the ukulele cumulating in a school concert. Students will learn the history of the instrument as well as how to care for them.

Jill Tartaglia

Bloom Elementary


“The Art of Wet Felting”- an art project where students learn a wet felting technique while creating an original wet wool composition in the form of a large school mural.

Meredith Williams

Prairie Hill Elementary


The projects selected address various crucial learning issues such as skill building for children with disabilities, art, project data analysis, music and creative writing.  All projects exhibit a focus on creative ways to encourage achievement in a variety of subjects inclusive of a variety of abilities. 

Golden Apple Foundation opened the application process this fall to enhance the learning of PreK-5th grade students throughout Winnebago and Boone County for projects that would go unfunded under the regular school budget.  Since its inception, Golden Apple Foundation has provided funding to 226 educators for 182 projects totaling over $100,000.  Recipients will be recognized at the 19th Annual Golden Apple Banquet held on Friday, May 1, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel.

Golden Apple Foundation inspires, celebrates and supports educational excellence in our community.