Get to Know Our 20 Finalists!
AmyCarol Bedows of Roscoe has 14 years of teaching experience in several grades, subjects and even school types (public, charter and private). This is her third year teaching fourth grade at Rockford Christian. She has learned that “the title of teacher is not just for one year; it is the highest of compliments. As teachers, we pour ourselves into the children in our classes, often without realizing the impact we’ve made until years later.” During Chris Buckmiller’s first year of teaching, AmyCarol was his teaching coach. When nominated for his district’s “Teacher of the Year” last year, he immediately knew he owed a huge part of that accomplishment to her teaching him how to connect and educate children in in impactful way. “AmyCarol truly chose the correct profession because she has a gift at helping the people around her excel as they work together,” he said. The parent of one of AmyCarol’s past students recommended AmyCarol as a “fiercely dedicated teacher.” Her daughter had never enjoyed math and really struggled, despite several methods and several tutors being introduced to her. AmyCarol was able to quickly identify her struggles and teach math concepts in a way that made sense to her. As a result, both her math skills and her confidence grew. AmyCarol has even continued to work with this student, who now is in sixth grade, because she is “invested in [her] kids.” AmyCarol summed up what teaching success is to her: “In other professions, success is measured in titles and raises. In teaching, success is measured in a continual growth of knowledge, the ability to manage a classroom, positive feedback from administration and families, aha moments, hugs, drawings, laughs and the list goes on.”