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Get To Know Our Finalists!  Christina Dover has been teaching at Eisenhower Middle School for 12 years. She has taught science, language arts and math. She now teaches 8th grade English Language Arts. Her assistant principal wrote, “She truly cares about the way our students think and consistently provides them with a challenge. Her passion and leadership should serve as a model for educators who are dedicated to putting kids first.” Christina says, “Even after all these years, I still get to come to work every day and I believe I can make a difference.” Many past students wrote nominations mentioning that she prepared them well for high school. “It is only in honor of them that I am attempting to run for such a prestigious award. The way I figure, if 15 of my former students took the time to write me a recommendation, I should at least try. After all, isn’t that what we all encourage in our students? The willingness to try.” Christina is committed to showing people you don’t have to look a certain way to be a professional (“With purple hair and tattoos, I have definitely raised a few eyebrows over the years. But I am more than my appearance.”) She says that, “… we should have the open minds we hope to inspire in our students, and that a passion for learning comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. That teaching can look different than what people expect to see, or what they remember from their own public education experience. Also that the profession of teaching is an honorable one, and one which deserves the public’s utmost respect. Together, we as educators are shaping the next generation and collectively helping to mold, not only young minds, but young mindsets and attitudes as well.”