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Get to Know Our 20 Finalists!
Danielle Turner has been teaching for 11 years, but just one year with Belvidere High School, where she teaches ninth grade Health Education. In her portfolio, she says, “…commitment to my teaching is just as important as commitment to my students. The promise I bring to my classroom such as preparation of lessons and assignments, constructive comments on projects and tests, respect as individuals, and the willingness to get to know each and every one of my students in and outside of the classroom are just a few examples of how I show my pledge to my students on a daily basis. I want my students to know that I am approachable, that they feel comfortable coming to me with a question and knowing I will not judge them and that they can gain trust in me. By creating an inviting environment and positive rapport with my students, it has helped to motivate my students to want to learn instead of being forced to learn.” “My commitment to my students goes beyond the classroom, however, as I believe being involved in the school community is just as important.” “I do not do what I do for thanks or congratulations, but instead to see my students walk across the stage four years from now accomplishing things they did not think they could and going on to fulfill dreams we talked about as a freshman in my class. I do what I do to save students from following the wrong paths, to keep them from harming their bodies and from giving up on themselves. I am dedicated to fulfilling my job as an educator to never give up on any one of my students.”