Linda Julian Photo

Linda Julian has been teaching at Willowbrook Middle School for 18 years. She teaches 6th -8th grade choirs, 7th grade Speech, 5th grade chorus and ¾ General Music. Linda wrote, “I constantly look for new ways to involve, encourage and challenge my students. Because the majority of my classes are performance-based, you will always find every student engaged and participating in class. While not every student may show the energy and enthusiasm I request, I continue to encourage them to work harder. I often remind them that I am a greedy person, and therefore, I will always want more from them.” Linda seizes the opportunity to explore and discuss diversity by choosing “well-written works that will encourage questions or discussions about race, culture and individual beliefs. This music serves as a guide for the students to understand that music is a common denominator that can bring many people together through the enjoyment of listening to, learning about, and performing many different kinds of music.”