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Get to Know our 20 Finalists!
Sarah Schaefer is in her fourth year of teaching at Roosevelt Alternative High School, where she teaches 10th-12th grade Enviro 1 and 2; Earth 1 and 2; Biology 1 and 2; and Robotic Integrated Algebra-based Physics. One of her colleagues shared that, “Sarah has a great understanding that a teacher can never stop being a learner. She is constantly seeking out new information, both formally and from colleagues. She consistently reaches out for advice and new understanding to improve the educational experience for her students. She is always willing to learn new instructional strategies, and is consistently willing to do whatever it takes to ensure students grow in their learning.” Sarah says, “The first conversation I have with a student is asking them how they learn best. I become their student, because as a great educators, we must be willing to learn from our students to help them reach their full potential. My students recognize that they teach me as much as I am guiding their learning process through the content.” “Teachers … have the power to alter future generations by our ability to present content in a format which allows students to connect content to their life.” “In my classroom I stress that there are no mistakes but rather opportunities to learn.”