Susan Schroepfer TN


Susan Schroepfer has been teaching at Harlem High School for 14 years. She teaches 10th-12th grade special education –cross categorical-math. Her nominator told us, “Sue is exceptionally dedicated not only to her job in general but her students in particular. She meets students where they are and stretches them to learn. She also volunteers her time working in many ways for the Harlem community. She is always searching for new ways to teach and learn.” Susan says, “Teaching is something that comes from my soul. I began considering teaching when I was in high school. We were allowed to tutor at the elementary school. I selected to work with the students with special needs. It was so much fun, exciting and challenging. I then asked to tutor a second semester and although it was a totally different experience, I believe this is what hooked me into becoming a teacher of students with special needs.” While challenging those students with special needs is complicated, Susan feels, “All students deserve to have every opportunity to learn. I believe that every child can learn. There are different strategies to use with different types of disabilities. So I must be very creative….””It is my mission to empower them to realize that they can learn and be successful.”