Teacher Academy Program News

On Friday, March 15th, the Academy greeted 5 new Golden Apple Recipients: Bethany Pitman from Rockford Lutheran Jr/Sr High School, Michael Winebrenner from North Boone Middle School, Michael Lantz from Guilford High School, Kathryn Linden from East High School and Jilian Reints from Belvidere High School and Belvidere North High School. After the Golden Apple Banquet, Friday, April 26th, the five new recipients will be inducted into the Golden Apple Academy. Their first job is to give a presentation at the banquet, then they will be given some new tasks directed by the co-Presidents Pam Short and Rich Toppe.

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Other News:

Erikka Colletta developed a creative and fun-filled presentation titled FROM COVERED WAGONS TO SNOW ICE CREAM: Homemade Field Trips in the Classroom. She led entertaining sessions, demonstrating how she strives for, and achieves, total immersion for her Third Graders through the use of activities, teamwork, and movement. Participants were happily engaged as Erikka described Time Travel in her Pilgrim and One-Room Schoolhouse units, World Travel through her Detroit Production Line and Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Virtual Field Trips as she and her students travel on the web.

Brad gave a highly motivating presentation called CREATIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING AT THE SECONDARY LEVEL. In his session he demonstrated numerous examples of Best Practice, and shared his favorite creative strategies for effective teaching, testing, and review. He also gave participants his best strategies for helping students to maximize their learning and increase their memory power. Those who attended Brad's sessions were treated to simulations of life in Ancient Greece and Rome, the terrors of surviving a battle during World War I, and the pleasure of playing his own version of Jeopardy.

At the 2011 Sandwich Institute, Amy Conklin also gave a popular and well-received presentation on POSITIVE PARENT COMMUNICATION. Erikka, Brad and Amy deserve a big Thank You for representing the Golden Apple Foundation in such a creative and positive way!