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Get to Know Our 20 Finalists!
Heather Plourde has been a teacher at Hononegah High School for 10 years. She teaches 10th-12th grade Health and 9th grade Physical Education. The nomination submitted by a fellow teacher said, “Mrs. Heather Plourde is an incredible teacher. I have had the pleasure to have her as a co-worker for eight years. In that time, I have been able to observe her in thousands of teaching situations. She is a force for change in the building and is always looking for ways to improve her teaching and the environment in the building for both students and staff. Mrs. Plourde frequently has a powerful positive effect on the students in her class and the entire school community. She will be there for students in crisis, struggling or as a mentor for a student that wishes to become an educator themselves. Mrs. Plourde is a dynamic teacher; she is creative and passionate about her profession. She has a desire to make the educational environment better and more effective for everyone.” Heather summed up one of goals by stating, “My passion for teaching drove me to provide [Health 2 course] to students to ensure they become productive health literate citizens and are able to contribute to their own family and community as adults. If my students end up living successful and fulfilling lives, I feel there is no greater measure of success as an educator.”