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Get to Know Our 20 Finalists!
Jared Young is in his fifth year teaching high school business at Belvidere North High School. Jared was nominated by an administrator, who stated, “If you want to know the quality of a teacher's abilities, simply observe their students. Mr. Young is a true leader in the sense that he realizes he is the facilitator of learning and that the students need to discover how to learn to find the answers. He makes his lessons relevant to their lives as well as provides ‘real world’ performance-based problems for students to solve.” “He is one of the first teachers that the administration seeks out when a new initiative is created because he has such a strong track record of success.” “In addition to all the extra commitments he has beyond the classroom, he still remains an outstanding educator and champion of his students.” “He gets it, he understands that although his content is important – it’s the life and leadership skills that he teaches that improve his students’ lives. He models what he believes and values in the classroom. You will find many students flocking to take his courses - there is a reason for that.” In Jared’s first year of teaching, another educator gave him a piece of advice that “immediately impacted the way [he] viewed [his] classroom.” The teacher explained to him, “It’s not about you anymore. You are not the most important person in your classroom. It is about what is best for the kids in your room. You will never go wrong if you ask yourself ‘what is best for my kids right now’”?