Get to Know our 20 Finalists!
Kent Holden has been teaching at Maria Montessori Elementary for four years, though he has been a teacher for many years. On her nomination form, a female student shared, “He always finds a way to make learning new things fun. I was always engaged in his lessons. His classroom was welcoming and friendly. Mr. Holden deserves this award. Because of him, math is now my best and favorite subject.” Kent says that, while being nominated for the Golden Apple is an honor, it is even more special because he was nominated by past students. “Outside of my family, those I care about most in the world are my students. We work hard together. We help each other learn, and in the process, children begin emerging into young adults. I love being a key part of that process. Students show me their respect, and they have earned mine. My greatest reward is to see them excel. I am proud and grateful to have worked with so many wonderful, compassionate, and accomplished leaders. Their enthusiasm makes me eager to get to work each day.”