About the Teacher Tribute Programtribute cup

Do you want to show your gratitude for a special teacher without adding to their collection of coffee mugs?

Teacher Tribute is a way to do just that! Honor that teacher today.

This is how it works: DONATE $20 to the Golden Apple Teacher Tribute Program in honor of your favorite teacher. (You can give more, but please, no less than $10.00) The teacher will receive a Golden Apple Teacher Tribute card with your heartfelt personal message printed inside. They will also be listed as a Teacher Tribute Honoree on this website.

Where does the Teacher Tribute money go?

Your Teacher Tribute donations help the Golden Apple Foundation recognize and reward local teachers and grows the legacy of excellence in teaching by supporting the Golden Apple Classroom Grant program. Through this program teachers create and implement innovative projects that impact the classroom and enhance student learning. More than $100,000 has been awarded, inspiring more than 25,000 students.